Book Review: Jesus Died for This?

Jesus Died for This? by Becky Garrison came out in August.  (Why I’m just reviewing it now is kind of a long story.)  In this volume Garrison reports as a pilgrim, a sojourner on a quest to find out whatever happened to Jesus.  She documents her travels from early 2007 to the election hype of 2008, taking her all the way from Jordan and Israel to Seattle and Manhattan.  Along the way she witnessed a lot of “Jesus junk” but also found genuine communities living out the Gospel in small groups of broken individuals. Continue reading

What I’m Reading: Jesus Died for This?

I’m currently reading Jesus Died for This? by Christian satirist Becky Garrison.  In this volume Garrison humorously takes a critical view of the foolish things we do in the name of Christ.  Not since the writings of Michael Spencer has the evangelical circus looked so ridiculous.  From souvenir shops in the Holy Land to product pushing publishers, Garrison begs the question “Is that what Jesus died for, to be hacked by vendors like a ball park hotdog?”  I expect to finish the book and publish a full review this weekend.