Ordinary Time

I did not grow up in church observing any sort of Christian Calendar. Church life centered around Christmas and Easter at those times of the year and there were special days such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Although my family wasn’t Southern Baptist we were Baptists in the South so Homecoming, Vacation Bible School and revival meetings were annual observances. The vast majority of the year the pastor preached on whatever he felt led to, Sunday School teachers did the same, and all of that seemed perfectly normal to me.

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If you Google ordinary time you will get a lot of results from Catholic sources and relating to the Roman Catholic Church. Many Protestant churches find they benefit from a Christian Calendar, like the one shown above, even without following a strict lectionary throughout the year. Continue reading

The Church Year

Chaplain Mike is doing a series on the liturgical church year at Internet Monk.  I’m not going to link each post, but this is the introduction.  The first follow-up has already been posted.  We are about to enter the season of Advent, and this would be a great time to start.  I grew up in the Baptist tradition which tends to do little with liturgy, but even the SBC churches I’ve been in light the candles of the Advent wreath each week.  If the concept of the Christian calendar is new to you, I highly recommend following Chaplain Mike’s series.