The Master’s Table turns four!  Some call it a birthday, I like to think of it as an anniversary of blogging.  Blog + anniversary = blogversary.

There have been some good times and bad, so as we celebrate we need to remember some people as well.  I blog because of Michael Spencer.  The post linked explains how and why.  Before I ever read Internet Monk I worked with Michael every day in real life.

2010 was a rough year.  Michael passed in April, my father Lewis Bunch lost his short battle with melanoma in June.  If you read the post, make sure to follow the link there for pictures.

It hasn’t all been bad news.  Equal Time is about being blessed, and was written shortly after our daughter Johannah was born.  The picture of our family on the About page was taken last Easter.  She turned two in August.

The articles linked above are very personal.  Most of the posts at The Master’s Table have been about sharing the Gospel and following the examples left by Jesus.  We have also debated the value of science and argued with the occasional atheist.  I’ve made a few Christian blog friends over the years, even a couple in Israel and Australia.  I try not to obsess over stats, but here’s a few as we celebrate:

4 years, 457 posts, 1,249 comments.  Total views = 355,152. 

Here is the very first post, from March 4, 2008.

This blog started out as Clark Bunch’s Weblog.  Everything from March and April moved to The Master’s Table in May of 2008.  This post explains the creation of My Other Blog.  I never meant to have two, but there’s also 564 posts and another 330,000+ views over there.

Here’s to another year.  Long live the blog.

The Master’s Table, my new blog

When I first signed up for a WordPress blog, I tried to create a cool title. I wanted it to represent some facet of the Christian faith, something memorable that people would want to come back to and easily recall. I tried getting and, and many others that were already taken. is an actual website that has never been used. It was set up a year or two ago, and the author never blogged the first post. Oh, that burns me.

So, having spent my creative budget for that day, I typed in clarkbunch.wordpress and gave my blog my name. clarkbunch’s weblog was the default title given to it, and I kept it. As time went by, I changed the theme, selected The Last Supper as my banner, and wrote (after some experimentation) the slogan “God honoring, Christ centered.” I was just sitting here on night looking at that banner as I read an entry thinking “What would it be like to sit at that table with Jesus?” Continue reading