Happy Monday Survey

Screenshot 2015-05-12 at 2.44.35 PMThere are weeks that Happy Monday is the only post that gets published. I don’t like it, and not very often, but it does happen; this past week for example. I have made a commitment to get that published even if I don’t have time for anything else. I like doing Happy Monday and hope that my readers enjoy the mix of encouragement and silliness as well.

But I have to ask: Do you enjoy Happy Monday? Continue reading

Sneaky Spammers, and What to do About Them

spamI don’t know why, but an article I wrote back in October about Christopher Columbus has been getting a lot of views lately.  It seemed relevant to me back on Columbus Day, but for some reason it has become very popular just in the last couple of weeks.  The other day I got a comment about how the article was bullcrap, and that simply using Google could straighten me out.  I responded with in my usual tactful manner (lol) and waited to see what happened next.  Continue reading