Santa Claus Has Not Sold Out

r_santa-claus-ad-coca-colaOne of my favorite quotes might need some explaining.  “The Fourth of July is not now, nor has it ever been, what it used to be.”  If you get it, move on to the next paragraph.  If not, it’s another way of saying that memory is generative.  Imagine being 9 years old.  4th of July is a magical time of hotdogs, baseball, fireworks, camping, cookouts, and it seems like nothing could make that holiday better.  The truth is, there were also social evils in the world, unemployment, crime; you just did not know about it.  Some people hated Independence Day with an undying passion, perhaps hated America.  But over the years, you remember how great it was, and any problems you were aware of at the time have vanished from your memories.  When you hear someone say “The 4th of July is not what it used to be,” they’re right.  It’s not.  And it never was what they remember. Continue reading