iMonk Radio Podcast #147

Returning from Cornerstone ’09 but that’s not the topic of this podcast.

Michael Jackson’s death and corrupt gods. We need to let the beauty and simplicity of the gospel be seen wherever we are, not be more like the culture.

Larger discussion of sexuality and how evangelicals approach those topics in a changing culture. (Much has changed in the past 12 years.)

iMonk Radio Podcast #146

Michael plugs Cornerstone 09. I believe we have some audio from that conference that we can share later.

Southern Baptist Convention met in Louisville, KY and Michael feels the denomination is ready to “get over itself.” He explains what that means.

The Anglican Church of North America is a new thing.

The big discussion is on evangelism and questions that many of us have.

Your Jesus is Too Safe by Jared Wilson is still available at Amazon.