Where Did Your Bible Come From?

I mentioned a week or two ago that impending tariffs, that are on hold for now at least, could cause an increase in the price of Bible. It has to do with the incredibly thin paper that Bibles use and equipment which require special set up in order to process. One of my friends in real life said she would be checking her Bibles to see where they were made. So I decided to do the same. Continue reading

The Read and Share File


This just happened in my home state of Georgia: Governor Nathan Deal has the Bibles returned to lodges and cabins in state parks after a state agency had them removed.

By now you’ve heard about the IRS scandal involving politically conservative non-profit groups. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse got audit notices on the same dayThat and more here.

Discover the seven fold workings of God in Psalm 23, via Walter Bright.

Anne Hesche will play a woman with a near-death experience turned prophet in a new series called Save Me. My comments follow the post, be sure to check out that Wiki entry.

Both sides of the abortion debate think we can learn from the Gosnell murder verdict.

Big flood at the home of Crossway Publishers (makers of the ESV Bible). They are asking for prayer and financial support. As of May 15 they are at 53% of reaching their financial goal. 

The New ESV Bible .org

The English Standard Version of the Bible from Crossway Publishers has been and continues to be my translation of choice. All scripture references on this website (that have links attached to them) link to the ESVBible.org website and if you have a habit of following those you will notice a change. Continue reading

My ESV Study Bible

It came today!  Some of you have had the ESV Study Bible in your hands for a month now.  I know because you’ve been posting pics of your Bible or pics of you with your Bible on your blogs.  Some of us didn’t get in on the first 50,000 copies run.  I knew back in the summer that I could pre-order a copy, but was kind of holding out for getting one as a birthday present (Dec. 11).  My birthday came early, so I can’t complain.  Special thanks to my secret Santa.

So if you’re already in Numbers, I’m now at least in the boat with you.  If you haven’t yet considered the ESV Study Bible, let me recommend it.  If you can’t afford an entire Bible reference library, this is like have a one volume set of the same thing.  The video below was produced by Crossway Bibles, and has been on YouTube since August.  It is highly informational, at least check it out.  Other ESV resources are linked on my ESV page tabbed at the top of this window, including my post on Why I Blog ESV. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

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