Can a Christian …

Can a person be a Christian and _________?  We’ve all heard that or wrestled with it at one time or another.  We may  be tempted at times to wish for a simple list of 80 gazillion rules that spell out every possible situation, leaving no grey areas to deal with.  That’s basically what they had in the Old Testament and that didn’t work out either.  There are so many issues the Bible either doesn’t speak to or doesn’t address as clearly as we would like.  Can a Christian drink?  What about smoking?  Can I be a Christian and still get a tattoo/play cards/dance/listen to pop, rap and/or country music?

The Bible may seem at times to give conflicting instruction.  We are to walk circumspectly of the world, and to not love the world or the things the world loves.  Paul makes cryptic statements like “all things are lawful for me but not all things are profitable.”  That’s the law of grace, but… what?  Can I play Texas Hold’em or not?

Dave Miller at SBC Voices does an awesome job with this.  He divides most issues up into four categories, and rather than attempt to answer each question he guides the individual to set up a rubric of sorts to work them out.  I found this post in particular very well written and extremely helpful.  He links to many other posts in the series.  Highly recommended.