Satur-deja Vu

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a Happy Monday post. Most any given week you would be right. This week’s Happy Monday was hard to put together. There just wasn’t enough stuff in the folder. Oddly enough there were Bible verses and quotes but a lack of funny bits. So this week we have gone overboard and have enough material for three Monday posts. I also drink coffee on Saturday; I’m headed to a men’s prayer breakfast shortly. Sometimes the Saturday posts are a little thin on churchy sort of things. What could be more churchy than a nuclear family walking out of a church in the 1950’s? The dad is wearing a suit and a hat, I mean come on. Coffee, church family, just a hint of sacrilege, but they’re not wrong.

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Happy Monday

Opening Ceremonies in London – where else can you see Queen Elizabeth II jump from a helicopter or Mr. Bean play Chariots of Fire?

9.66 million Tweets sent during the Opening Ceremonies.  That’s more than during the entire Games in Beiging, but to be fair Twitter wasn’t the “big deal” in 2008 is has become.  Media outlets actually had problems Saturday because the data networks were jammed with tweets and they couldn’t get details for broadcast.  When people watching television started tweeting about the lack of info, the problem only got worse.

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America Is Not The World

world mapMany of us in the United States are so richly over blessed that we are out of touch with the rest of the world.  I remind my students a few times each year that America is not the world, and it happened again today. Continue reading