Wacky Questions & Trivia, episode 3

question_mark_3dActually, this one may not be so wacky.  I saw this evening where someone had been searching for occurrences of knives in the Bible, specifically the word “knife.”  By the way, when I searched for knife, I went first to the ESV website and then to Biblegateway, both listed under Useful Links in the right-hand column.  That’s always where I start a search of the Bible text.  Here’s what I found versus what I expected.

The word knife appears 5 times in the ESV.  Two occurrences are in Genesis, in the story of Abraham going up to sacrifice his son Issac.  There’s a post I need to write.  All of the uses of knife are found in the Old Testament, but I didn’t find the one I expected to.  I remember a story of a king, a fat king as a matter of fact, that was slain with a knife.  He was so fat that the entire knife, handle and all, were swallowed up in his fat roles, and the assassin simply walked out of the throne room.  I search the King James text at BibleGateway; there I found 6 instances of knife, but still not that story.  Did I imagine it?  Couldn’t have.

The king was Eglon of Moab, and the KJV uses the word dagger instead of knife.  The ESV actually uses sword, but without researching any Kebrew linquistics I imagine dagger is a better word.  A sword?  How fat could one person be?  At any rate, I was right about the story, wrong about it being a knife.  That’s being really technical.  The story of Eglon’s death is recorded in Judges chp 3.  It’s probably not one you want to read your children before bedtime.