Satur-deja Vu

In addition to Reformation Day, October 31st is also Halloween. If you’re into Halloween as a fun thing kids do and nothing more, Happy Monday was full of images, cartoons and puns like the one above. The Hebrews 11 Bible Study was pretty good this week, imho, and iMonk Radio was published on Thursday per the usual.

Here’s some other stuff that happened this week:

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Happy Monday

Several of my Facebook friends are participating in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving.  Each day you post one thing your thankful for.  I think I’m going to post one verse or group of verses from Psalms each day.  Check the new feature in the left-hand side bar.  (If you’re in a reader, drop by the website every now and then.)

Speaking of Thanksgiving – There is much disagreement among Christians over the celebration of Halloween.  There is some dispute over Christmas.  We should totally embrace Thanksgiving.  Expect a full length post on this soon.  We are not commanded to celebrate the birth of Christ.  (I’m not saying we shouldn’t, but more on that later.) We are expressly commanded to give thanks.

Power crews, utility trucks, National Guardsmen, TSA agents, water and a host of other people and supplies have gathered from all over the nation to assist in the recovery effort following Superstorm Sandy.  Christians, here is our chance to be the body of Christ. Continue reading