Signs of the Times

Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 11.25.51 AMI am not one of those guys that studies biblical prophecy while pointing to current events in the newspaper going “See, this is what God said would happen.” That can set a dangerous precedent and sometimes you end up looking foolish. I remember listening to a preacher back in the 80’s, and I remember his name but won’t use it here, that said that if Michel Gorbachev was not the antichrist then he was certainly paving the way for him. He had a poster made up of the birthmark on his head in the form of a dragon and the smaller marks in the shape of three 6’s. This was before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev later taught an economics course for the University of Georgia and made a tv commercial for Pizza Hut. He is still alive but at 88 has yet to reveal himself as the antichrist, the Beast or any other figure in Revelation. Continue reading

Here Comes 2012

I haven’t posted anything in a few days, and there needs to something on the front page besides that Coffee with Jesus comic strip that’s been up since Monday.  That’s what this is really about.

Okay, we have one calendar year before the Mayan calendar ends in December 2012.  My first question is always this: if the Mayans couldn’t see the Spanish coming, why take their word for the end of the world?  It turns out their calendar had about 400 years they didn’t even need.  Their civilization had already collapsed and they were living in small farming villages when the first Spanish Conquistadors arrived.  If they could not hold their civilization together, nor predict the collapse of every South American civilization to European conquerors, why do we suppose they could predict the apocalypse?  They did some wicked math, but it’s leap in logic to assume they’re experts on the cosmos. Continue reading