That Book I Mentioned

I am preaching through the 1st Epistle of Peter at Unity Baptist. On Sunday morning our text included the verse most often used as the basis for Christian Apologetics: “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,” 1 Peter 3:15. To emphasize the significance of apologetics I pointed out that our Sunday school curriculum will have a unit on the subject in December. I also pulled a couple of books from the shelf in my office and mentioned that the concept could probably be found in many other books even without the word apologetics in the title. One of the two books I held up as examples was The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics, edited by Ed Hinson and Ergun Caner. Continue reading

Please Pray for Ergun Caner

A very vocal critic of Ergun Caner once wrote to me via social media “If you are Caner’s friend you must be a liar too.” He further suggested I re-examine whether or not I am truly a born-again believer. Such is the foolishness that Ergun Caner has dealt with for many years.

I am going to politely suggest reading two pieces and strongly suggest, rather implore, that my Christian brothers and sisters pray for Caner and his family. The first is an article appearing yesterday in Baptist Press. This story not only provides background of the particular issues in an objective manner but attempts to set the record straight concerning conspiracies and cover ups. The second is a highly emotional plea from Bucky Kennedy to please put the issue to rest. Kennedy currently pastors First Baptist Church of Vidalia, GA and has previously served as President of the Georgia Baptist Convention and Chairman of the Board at Brewton-Parker.

Please read the linked articles. Please thoughtfully and prayfully consider how you will respond when you hear gossip and criticism. Please pray for Ergun Caner and his family. Thank you.

Prayers for the Caner Family

Braxton, Ergun CanerPlease pray for our friend Ergun Caner, some know him as Butch, and his family as they deal with the loss of their eldest son. Here is the obituary the family posted earlier today.

(March 8, 1999 – July 29, 2014)

The service celebrating the life shall take place on Saturday, August 2, at 2pm, at the New River Fellowship Church, 3252 East I-20, Hudson Oaks, Texas, 76087. Rev. Scott Crenshaw and Dr. Clark Bosher shall officiate, and Michael John Clement shall lead worship. Continue reading

Tim Hawkins & Ergun Caner

Tim Hawkins is playing this weekend in Lexington, KY at Northeast Christian Church.  I’ve seen a couple of his DVD’s and an old episode of Bananas.  Tim mixes stand-up comedy with parody rock and pop tunes.  He is classified as a “Christian comedian” but admits to not knowing exactly what that means.  For $15 you get a good solid two hour show.

Ergun Caner is preaching a weekend revival at Manchester Baptist Church in Manchester, KY.  Before Liberty Baptist Seminary, before the book Unveiling Islam, “Butch” Caner was the Youth Minister at MBC.  Tim Hawkins is a comedy by vocation, but I swear that Caner is just as funny.  He preached the Gospel from Galatians 6, and I enjoyed tonight just as much – and laughed just as hard.

One is a comedian, one is a professor of theology.  They both love God, life and family, and prove that God has a sense of humor.  He gave them warped minds and they’re using ’em.