iMonk Radio Podcast #103

Sabbatical is over; conventional wisdom; continuing discussion of Cornerstone seminar on the Evangelical Wilderness.

We have come to the end of the line. Two years ago I started posting all the Internet Monk Radio podcasts I had archived. Some fellow iMonk fans volunteered to share what they had and that’s why the posts began at #104 and came all the way around. Click this link to easily find all the podcasts from the past two years and of course this page contains the episodes I had on hand at the time of Michael’s passing, #’s 48 – 81.

iMonk Radio Podcast #102

How did I miss the intro change? The intro theme changed at episode #100 and that version would last through the end of the podcast series. I didn’t notice until I listened to this one.

Sabbatical winding down; Cornerstone ’08; talk about The Shack; Michael breaks down his seminar on the Evangelical Wilderness from Cornerstone.