Satur-deja Vu

He did not say “God’s will has no place in the House of Representatives.” Jerry Nadler did say “God’s will is no concern of this congress” when speaking to those opposing the Equality Act on the basis that freedom of speech, particularly as related to freedom of religion, would be restricted. While it may not be the purpose of Congress to seek God’s will, it is paramount that the rights of all Americans are respected and upheld by any and every action they take. The number of Christians in the United States may vary depending on who you ask – which relates directly to how one defines a Christian, which varies depending on who you ask – but Wikipedia states that the US has the largest Christian population per capita of any nation at 205 million. The Pew Research Center identifies 70% of the population as Christian and another 6% as holding non-Christians faiths. The will of God is a concern of millions of Americans and our elected representatives cannot represent all of their constituents fairly if they ignored that fact. Congress is not a body of religious leaders but must recognize that a large population of those they lead are religious people.

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