iMonk Radio Podcast #160

Intro: Health concerns and risks of passing a common cup due to the H1N1 swine flu virus. Michael discusses the “scaremongering media” and its intrusion into Christian worship. And this was 2009.

Modern verse-by-verse exegesis and expository preaching. Most people can read the Bible and understand it.

Message: Greg is a former student that left the faith. Reflections on the nature of ministry and the fact that “this happens sometimes.”

Please Note: There are only a few podcasts left. #165 will be the end of the line. We started this series somewhat in the middle (#105) and then I received some earlier episodes from a couple of generous listeners. I don’t have them all but in a few weeks we will go back back to near the beginning and move forward until the well is dry.

Is the Bible Just a Book?

Is the Bible a book that can be studied like any other or is it something more than that? Is the Bible the Word of God or just the words of God? Let me suggest that a simple answer is not always possible and sometimes “both/and” is the best option.

The Bible is a collection of ancient texts. While the Bible is primarily a religious text much of it’s bulk, particularly the Old Testament, is made up of history, poetry and wisdom sayings. It presents chronicles of the kings of Israel and long lists of genealogy. The sacred texts of the Old Testament form the basis of Judaism, the monotheistic religion of ethnic Jews. Continue reading