Over AMP’ed


Watchman 146 brings up a good point.  In response to my remarks on pizza, he says “Thank goodness I never got into the Mountain Dew thing.”  I asked if he knew about Rockstar, Monster, AMP and Full Throttle.  Kids have contests where they see how many in a row a person can slam.  For anyone that doesn’t know (and I can’t imagine who that is), energy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine, ginsing, gurana, B vitamins, and who knows what else now.  Drinking one is probably bad for you.  Three in three minutes could give you a heart attack, or at least a bad case of the shakes.  We’re going to start seeing teenagers admitted to the ER with massive heart failure. 

Now, to be fair, I happen to like AMP.  I’m not trying to bring down the industry.  I have had, on occasion, say… one at a time.  But as kids continue to abuse these things, big time, the industry is going to take heat, and sooner or later the FDA will probably ban energy drinks just like they did Ephedrine.  Why is there an FDA in the first place?  Because the American people have to protected from… themselves. 

Now if we’re already eating pizza, I have been known to drink 2 or 3 Mountain Dews and stay up all night playing ping pong.  But that’s another story. 

Do you love pizza?

If you love pizza, and I mean love it so much you could never get tired of it, consider becoming a youth minister.  I’m only half kidding.  I’ve been involved in youth ministry for about 16 years, and have reached a point in my life I think I’ve had enough pizza.  My profession is working with high school age youth, and the favorite meal of teen age students, especially if it’s an informal gathering for some occasion, continues to be pizza.  In addition to what we get once a week in the cafeteria, I spring for pizza once or twice a year in BCM (Baptist Campus Ministry, formerly BSU).  We’re also involved in drama, and I drive the bus for a couple of sports teams.  At church, we’re sort of leaders for the youth leaders, who are upper level high school to mid-20’s.  So after Back-Yard-Bible Club, planning for VBS, get together with the mission team, we go for a round of pizza.  For that matter, one of our church deacons OWNS a local pizza establishment, and his daughter is one of our leaders.  There’s no escaping it.

I’m not complaining; not really.  I’m just trying to share from my experience.  If you’re crazy about pizza, find a position doing what I do.  It’s like perpetual college student diet (assuming you went to a Baptist college that didn’t allow beer).