Satur-deja Vu

I re-published an older post this week about the real life Fred Rogers. Here is my post and here is the trailer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a biopic film starring Tom Hanks.

In lieu of a possible tariff that would affect the price of Bibles I asked where your Bible was printed. That post got very few views and no responses. It’s not too late if you want to jump in there. Most of mine were printed in the USA but the one I purchased most recently did come from China. Continue reading

Remembering Fred Rogers

A full length trailer has just been released for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the biopic of Fred Rogers due out in November. It’s uncanny how much a good makeup artist and a cardigan sweater can make Tom Hanks look like Mr. Rogers. While Hanks is practically a national treasure in his own right the real Fred Rogers was almost too good to be true. Below is a reprint of a post I published back in 2010. (I apologize for the double space after each period. That’s how we were taught to type back in the day.)


Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 5.14.47 PMA couple of weeks ago, I had a discussion with a student about Fred Rogers.  His claim was that Mr. Rogers wore long sleeve sweaters to cover multiple tattoos on both arms.  I already knew that Mr. Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister, and it turns out this student knew that as well.  He contended that before seminary and his career in television, Mr. Rogers had a violent and sordid past.  So on a whim, I did some Internet fact checking.  Wow. Continue reading