iMonk Radio Podcast #108

I took notes on the all the intro material but instead will cut straight to the chase. Michael Spencer spent a lot of time over a period of years defining post-evangelical. But he never suggested that we as Christians should stop evangelizing and he was was never more clear about that than in this podcast. There are a lot of discussions that we should have among believers but our call to share the gospel must remain at the front of who we are and what we do.

This episode has a new opening theme and some chit-chat about international students, teaching Bible and meeting blog friends in real life. Hang in there, the good stuff is after that.

iMonk Radio: Podcast #106

In this episode, Michael plugs The Theology Program from Reclaiming the Mind Ministries. If you are familiar with Credo House Ministries or the Parchment and Pen blog then you will recognize the name C. Michael Patton. He does all those things and more and is not hard to find online. Michael then responds to “Why all the Lutheran stuff?” The short answer has to do with getting the Gospel right. Then a segue into a discussion of The White Horse Inn which leads to the thrust of this podcast episode which is the post-evangelical experience. Is post-evangelicalism focused on individualism? Does post-evangelicalism work in a church based setting or will always look like one vs. the world?