October Baby

October Baby, based on the true story of Gianna Jessen, opens in theaters March 23.  Jessen is the survivor of a failed abortion attempt.  I first learned of her back in 2008, when the Wall Street Journal (of all things) ran her story.  That was the year Barrack Obama ran for president; here’s what I wrote back when.

Tim Challies has written a review after seeing an early screening.  He was “pleasantly surprised” at how much he enjoyed it.  Tim reviews the film, and also analyzes the challenge facing any and every Christian film.

You could watch the trailer at challies.com, but why not click over to Gianna Jessen’s blog and watch it there.  There’s a trailer for the film, and also a behind the scenes sort of thing with Gianna.

Barack Obama on abortion

I don’t normally blog politics, but I’m not the first religious blogger to pick up on this story, either. As far as I know, Randy Alcorn (author of Eternal Perspectives) may have been the first blogger to post on a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. On June 5th, the Journal carried a story about Gianna Jessen, a woman who survived an abortion attempt. Continue reading