A Biblical Perspective

bibleIf you are a follower of The Master’s Table, or a former student, or have ever listened to me preach, teach Sunday School or lead a small group of any kind, you know by now that I do not pick up a recent newspaper and use the headlines for talking points about Bible prophesy. During Advent I talk about prophecies of the Messiah being fulfilled by Jesus’s birth and the events surrounding it. During Easter and Pentecost I talk about prophesies Jesus fulfilled during his earthly ministry, his death, burial and resurrection, and the promise we have of his future return. What I have never done is point to earthquakes, volcanoes, war in the Middle East or any other current event while quoting snippets of scripture and saying “See, the Bible says so.” I’ve seen preachers and other church leaders look foolish when Mikhail Gorbachev did not turn out to be the antichrist, Saddam Hussein was not the Beast described in Revelation and the world did not end in 1988 despite the list of 88 reasons that it was going to. Continue reading

Ron Archer

The Gideons are going into several different churches in our area tomorrow and this morning they hosted a breakfast for pastors and wives. Our speaker was from Catersville, just 30 minutes down the road, and he talked about his recent trip to Africa. He had the obligatory slideshow (but thankfully PowerPoint and ProPresenter have replaced the slide carousels of years gone by).

I’ve been listening to Gideon stories my entire life, but the longer I live the more I realize I will never hear everything. Before we dismissed, we watched this 8 minute testimony of Ron Archer. It’s not G-rated. It’s violent and contains language some may find offensive. But so does the Bible. Listen to this man’s story and give glory and honor to God.

Gideon Sunday and Mark 4

Today was Gideon Sunday, at least where we live.  I wrote about the work done by the Gideon’s International last year.  I’ve also written before about sowing gospel seeds, based on the parable in Mark 4.  Just this morning I noticed a strong correlation between the two. Continue reading