Blessings and Curses: Deuteronomy 28

The last of the five books of Moses, Deuteronomy wraps some things up and reviews some others.  He knows that he will not be entering the Promised Land, and wants to encourage the Children of Israel one last time to remember God and keep his commandments.  Chapter 28 is in two parts; first the blessings for obedience followed by a list of curses for disobedience.

The first 14 verses of Deuteronomy 28 list the blessings for obedience.  In short, God will bless the land allowing it to flow with mild and honey.  Crops will fill their barns, grapes will fill their winepresses, children will be born and the nation will live in peace from their enemies.  They will be high and mighty over the other nations of the world.  Many more verses, 15 – 68, detail the curses God will bring for disobedience.   Continue reading