iMonk Radio Podcast #152

Intro: Michael announces “Jesus Shaped Spirituality” for fall 2010. Amy Welborn going into semi-retirement. Lots of chatter about church buildings.

2nd half: The hard truth in the Gospel/Law debate is that the Gospel alone can do it. You don’t need to learn the Law, receive the Gospel, then go back to keeping the Law.

iMonk Radio: Podcast #115

In this episode Michael Spencer shares his thoughts on the ESV Study Bible. I was the benefactor of one of a handful of Study Bibles that Michael received from various donors to his wish list. Pastors/preachers/serious Bible students used to build a library. Not too many of those these days but the ESV Study Bible is a single volume resource that could stand in for a small library if you can’t afford or don’t have the space for a real library.

Here is the open mic discussion of what the Bible can do. If you dig through far enough you can find a comment from me and discussion of me and my comments.

Fun fact: Van Til is mentioned right at the 5 min mark. I knew it would happen sooner or later.

Also in this podcast, the need to disquish Gospel from the Law.