Satur-deja Vu

Tokyo Meal Count – The United States is tied with China for the number of total medals but falling even further behind in the quest for gold. China is really showing up and showing out this year. This is a busy weekend with track and field events starting up and overlapping swimming and gymnastics that haven’t finished. Daniel Jepsen is back from vacation and has a full Olympic special edition on the Saturday Brunch. He covers some events that have been dropped over the years (such as live pigeon shooting and solo synchronized swimming) and unveils the 2024 Olympics in Paris logo. The internet is having some fun with it, per the usual.

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Good News for Hobby Lobby

hobby lobbyHobby Lobby’s legal battle against the abortion/contraceptive mandate received a boost Friday (March 29) when the full 10th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear the company’s case.

Such “en banc” hearings are relatively rare.

In November a federal judge ruled that Hobby Lobby must cover the drugs in its employee health insurance plans, and in December a three-judge panel of the 10th Circuit refused to step in and prevent Hobby Lobby from being impacted by the mandate.

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Government Mandated Abortion Coverage

hobby lobbyI wish more attention were being drawn to this issue.  Millions of people lined up at Chick-fil-A back in August to support a Christian business owner’s right to free speech, but the plight of Hobby Lobby and other businesses fighting mandated health care – including chemical abortion – have garnered less support.

The new health care mandates that took effect Jan. 1 require employers to provide access to birth control, including emergency contraception.  Plan B is just one such method which causes a medically induced (or chemical) abortion.  Beginning on the first day of January, Hobby Lobby was facing a fine of up to $1.5 million per day – one and a half million dollars per day – for refusing to provide abortion coverage to its employees.  The new new loop hole buys them some time as the court battle continues. Continue reading

Happy Monday

I seriously considered not doing Happy Monday this week, but several new followers joined us on Facebook just last night.  So let’s start the week off right, shall we?

hap mon, busy

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The Read and Share File


This is where I list other blog posts and articles that I’ve read myself and wish to share with others.  They’ve slowed down since the introduction of Happy Monday, but this is Read and Share #18.  

It’s a little late, but this treatment of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day proclaims the wonder of the Gospel.

Randy Kilgore takes an inspiring look at T-ball in this day’s devotion at Our Daily Bread.

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