Here’s Our Chance

Today is Halloween, which happens to be one of a long list of things Christians disagree about.  At our house we carve a Jack-o-lantern and hand out candy, relegating the holiday to a children’s event only.  We have good friends that turn off all their lights, go to bed early, and complain that people still knock on their door.  Christians disagree on celebrating Christmas, voting in elections, serving in the military, consuming alcohol, and even the use of caffeine.  How Christians feel about _______ always depends on which one you ask.

Hurricane Sandy may go down in history as the worst weather-related disaster in our nation’s history.  This is our chance to be the body of Christ.  More than teaching rhetoric, Jesus taught his disciples to go and do.   Continue reading

The Read and Share File

I know it’s been a while.  Here’s what’s up:

The bookstore – far from dead, they may be doing better than you think.  Check out these 12 stats.

Hurricane Sandy, Frakenstorm, or whatever you call it is still dumping rain and snow.  It’s too not early, however, to plan a response and begin mobilization.  Talking about the Gospel is one thing, giving a child a cup of water is another.  Let’s go.

“You can’t get something for nothing.”  Christians know this is untrue.  While on the subject of free gifts, John Piper wants you to have this Martin Luther biography as a free e-book (available in many formats, including pdf). Continue reading

Happy Monday

According to the official Happy Monday declaration, one of the things we do on Monday morning is review some of the headlines you may have missed.  We also look forward to the week ahead and share encouragement in the form of inspirational quotes, Bible verses and humor.  There was a complaint last week (via text message, not in the comments) that there wasn’t much to be happy about.  I’ll try try to keep it positive. Continue reading