iMonk Radio Podcast #5

Thanks to generous listeners and fellow fans of Michael Spencer, I have added to my collection of podcast episodes over the years. I can’t go all the back to the beginning but I do have some early single digit episodes. Special thanks to “Eclectic Christian” Mike Bell for sharing these early installments.

Satur-deja Vu

Betty White passes away just 18 days short of her 100th birthday. Fans flocked to Twitter to see if this was another hoax, which did happen in 2014. Lifetime had planned a Betty White Christmas movie but her declining health caused them to reconsider months ago. There was a movie about her life set to open on January 17th featuring White herself and an all-star cast. It is unclear whether that will go on as planned or perhaps be retooled as more of a tribute to the late star. A lot of people are making a big deal about how 2021 couldn’t just go in peace.

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iMonk Radio Podcast #131

When I posted episode #130 I mentioned that the national attention The Coming Evangelical Collapse received was a catalyst in Michael’s decision to publish a book. In this podcast episode he will talk about choosing a publishing agent. He also responds to the Top 10 Questions about that three part series of evangelical collapse posts once they were suddenly noticed by more people.

Who is Van Til?

Van Til most often appears as the author of Happy Monday. He was introduced in 2014 as the editor of The Master’s Table. HIs bio suggests he is a golden retriever, possibly a blond lab, with a Master’s degree in English. I may or may not have mentioned that Van Til is a figment of my imagination. The reason I bring it up now is that we have started re-posting episodes of the Internet Monk Radio podcast. Sooner or later you may hear Michael Spencer reference Van Til. The idea that Van Til works in my employ is a tribute to my late mentor who referenced a dog named Van Til that served as engineer of his radio program. Before he was a figment of my imagination he was a figment of his imagination. Continue reading

4 Random Thoughts

I thought about calling this post Thinking Out Loud because I want to jot down some ideas but that’s the title of Paul Wilkinson’s blog. The problem with mental notes is that the ink fades so quickly so I often tell people that if I don’t write down it didn’t really happen. These are some thoughts I need to get out there before it’s too late. So in no particular order:

Note 1: I spent some times on the 8 ft. ladder clearing our gutters this morning. They are the old fashioned, uncovered roof gutters and they have gone too long in between cleanings. Then I cleaned up myself, ate lunch, and discovered that The Christian Index had published this: Continue reading