The Failure of Science vs. Religion

When I first heard of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” I was hoping it would open some doors. I was optimistic that the popularity of this movie would get people asking the right questions, and that Christians would have some answers ready. It could be expected that atheists, evolutionists and Darwinists would oppose the film and its ideas, but Expelled has also received negative criticism from other circles.

Intelligent Design is sort of a redheaded stepchild to begin with. It is not creationism, and conservative evangelicals think of ID as a compromise between religion and science. They accuse ID of trying to “water down” religious faith enough that science can accept it. So IDers are going to take it from both sides; Darwinists who think that it’s creationism as well as religious zealots who thinks it isn’t creationism enough. Continue reading

Creation – Intelligent Design – Big Bang debate continues

The post on Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled” is by far the most read blog post I’ve ever written.  Below are a couple of comments I added to the discussion myself, which I thought were too good to leave buried 20 comments deep in a long thread.  So here they are as their own post, and the debate continues.

Let me suggest what an answer (to the question “where did the material of big bang fame come from in the first place?) might sound like. Continue reading

Ben Stein’s Expelled

Ben Stein has a movie coming out April 18th titled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” which criticizes the way proponents of intelligent design has been laughed off, discriminated against, or ignored. Many Christians are optimistic this will open doors to discussions of intelligent design, creation, and theism or at least get people asking the right questions. I don’t know if this secular movie creates an opportunity for sharing the gospel or not, but many think it will. It at least challenges closed minded thinking that any idea other than evolution is laughable and that the book on that subject has long been shut. Here is an excerpt of a letter from Chris Bougie sent out to campus ministry leaders everywhere:

The evangelistic opportunity we're referring to will
be created by the release of the cutting-edge,
controversial documentary by the well-known and
brilliant Ben Stein.   Continue reading