iMonk Radio Podcast #103

Sabbatical is over; conventional wisdom; continuing discussion of Cornerstone seminar on the Evangelical Wilderness.

We have come to the end of the line. Two years ago I started posting all the Internet Monk Radio podcasts I had archived. Some fellow iMonk fans volunteered to share what they had and that’s why the posts began at #104 and came all the way around. Click this link to easily find all the podcasts from the past two years and of course this page contains the episodes I had on hand at the time of Michael’s passing, #’s 48 – 81.

iMonk Radio Podcast #102

How did I miss the intro change? The intro theme changed at episode #100 and that version would last through the end of the podcast series. I didn’t notice until I listened to this one.

Sabbatical winding down; Cornerstone ’08; talk about The Shack; Michael breaks down his seminar on the Evangelical Wilderness from Cornerstone.

iMonk Radio Podcast #98

Cold open, no intro, for sabbatical post #2; Saint Joseph Monastery in Whitesville, KY; old friends and friendship; finally Dissonant Discipleship by David Augsburg.

Below is a picture Michael took on his trip and used as the “cover art” for this podcast episode. The full size image was part of the file and I wanted to share that with you as well.

iMonk Radio Podcast #86

Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book, the second in a seven part series on spirituality; high praise for Peterson’s methods and approach for entering the Bible and listening to it rather than demanding it give us answers. It’s hard to talk about Peterson without addressing The Message.

iMonk Radio Podcast #14

You’re gonna think for a second you’re hearing the intro theme we all know and love but just wait. It’s different every week and hasn’t found a place to land yet. During the program listen for Van Til!

Discussion includes: Minor league baseball, cow pies, clown service, church shopping, Clay Spencer goes to UK (University of Kentucky, not the United Kingdom).

iMonk Radio Podcast #13

You haven’t missed anything. The very early episodes are the hardest to come by but I do have the next five in a row or so.

Today: Is Michael Spencer a Christian? New school year brings several students from China. I Have My Doubts is available via the iMonk archive site. Finally a few thoughts on Ravi Zacharias.

iMonk Radio Podcast #10

Internet Monk Compound beneath Saint Sades Maryland mentioned for the first time as the intro begins taking shape, as well as the BHT wonderdog Van Til handling the technical aspects of production.

Have compassion for issues you may face later in life.

Small churches in big buildings.

It’s hard to turn old blog posts and sermons into a book. We know he eventually did it but in this early episode the process was just beginning.

You can read the soli deo post here and Purchasing Books with Wisdom here.

Satur-deja Vu

Back in my day we didn’t have cell phone video and doorbell cameras. If something epic happened all we could do was tell somebody. Which is why old people today start so many stories with “back in my day…”

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iMonk Radio Podcast #8

I’m working through the early podcast episodes in my archive. The very early ones are somewhat sporadic so last week was #5 and you haven’t missed anything. There are no appetizers in the intro that lead to a longer discussion at this point. So it’s more like

On today’s episode: Vytorin working on cholesterol numbers; the line between internet and real world pastoral care; The Missionary Headache is available on the iMonk archive site; irreconcilable differences between Roman Catholics and Evangelicals.