iMonk Radio Podcast #149

Michael talks about the new website design of Internet Monk. While that website no longer exists there is a ton of stuff archived at

He talks about what his upcoming book will be about. That is available. Click here to learn more about Mere Churchianity.

Why do evangelicals bring their Bibles to church? Perhaps that’s an odd question for some of you but those with Lutheran or other liturgical backgrounds may wonder. That’s the big topic of today’s podcast.

iMonk Radio Podcast #143

I have not listened to this one yet. Back in 2009 Michael wrote “This week: a few stories from Advance 09. Friendship. Answers to the ‘Too God-Centered’ Objection.”

Note: this is the third episode in a row he has identified on the air as #142. When he posted it to Internet Monk it was labeled 143. (I listened to the first minute just to make the audio file uploaded correctly.)

iMonk Radio Post #132

Michael responds to those surprised to learn he identifies as evangelical after being critical of evangelicals.

Note: You can easily find The Coming Evangelical Collapse, as well as hundreds of other original Internet Monk posts, on the archive website

iMonk Radio Podcast #127

Michael Spencer never wrote a book about parenting, dealing with issues related to raising children and teens in a Christian environment. If he had, he would have written that forming Christian identity is a better course in the long run than programming Christian behavior. This podcast episode explores some of those issues.

Just a Few Reminders

The Happy Monday posts began during the summer of 2012. The original format was based on the idea that after a weekend of going out for family and social gatherings, sporting events and church activities people might need a little encouragement and to catch up on news or happenings. The first two or three weekly posts featured a metal count from the summer Olympic games. While the goal was to help readers start their week off right, sometimes the posts leaned a little heavy on the news. One friend in real life told me that when he read the post he didn’t see much to be happy about. Over a few months the format morphed into the a regular template we follow pretty closely: an opening bit, a welcome line or sometimes just the post number, an Old Testament verse, New Testament verse, two inspiring quotations usually featuring at least one Christian author or personality, usually a Coffee with Jesus comic strip to transition from the serious into the silly stuff, then up to four memes, cartoons or cute aminals to put smiles on faces. Mondays are tough, we do what we can.

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iMonk Radio #123

At some point after the intro Michael is going to call this podcast number 124 but you’re in the right place. We’ll have 124 next week.

Is the church sanctuary a sacred space? What does that mean to you and how has that concept changed over time?

iMonk Radio Podcast #109

In this week’s episode, Michael talks about the new school year and the season change into fall. He mentions his Amazon Wish List; I was the recipient of an ESV Study Bible back when those first came out. Michael “wished” for 8 or 10 of those and gifted them to ministry leaders and lay preachers he worked with at OBI. The bulk of this broadcast deals with the spiritual aspects of Christians and depression. Dr. Andrew Lester’s book “Coping with Anger” is discussed.

iMonk Radio: Podcast #106

In this episode, Michael plugs The Theology Program from Reclaiming the Mind Ministries. If you are familiar with Credo House Ministries or the Parchment and Pen blog then you will recognize the name C. Michael Patton. He does all those things and more and is not hard to find online. Michael then responds to “Why all the Lutheran stuff?” The short answer has to do with getting the Gospel right. Then a segue into a discussion of The White Horse Inn which leads to the thrust of this podcast episode which is the post-evangelical experience. Is post-evangelicalism focused on individualism? Does post-evangelicalism work in a church based setting or will always look like one vs. the world?

iMonk Radio: Podcast #105

Each podcast will mention a few brief items in the opening minutes then focus on a topic for the bulk of the session. In this episode Michael introduces some new (at the time) music, talks about his daughter moving back to Oneida to teach and discusses the difference between religion and the gospel based on Tim Keller. Then he gets into what to look for in a church if you are on the same post-evangelical journey that he was on. Michael Spencer adored worship, when done correctly, just not worship of the institutions.