Jesus Junk

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I posted Cross of Christ, a light-hearted little rant about the image at left.  That’s an mp3 player in the shape of a cross.  I asked if this was just another piece of Jesus Junk, a commercialized piece of whatever that nobody actually needs but retailers imagine Christians will buy.  I buy Christian CD’s and t-shirts, and there are some other items that are pretty legit.  I shop Christian bookstores mostly for books but have bought “other” things there as well.  But some people buy Christianized versions of products they already own.  Or ridiculous things that they would never have bought if it wasn’t shaped like a cross, or wrapped in tiny scriptures, or embossed with an image of Jesus.

The Jesus Christ Show has an extensive collection of Jesus Junk.  I’m sorry if 1) that expression offends you, and 2) you bought/own any of the items pictured.  I mean no disrespect to Jesus using that term, and imagine he has facepalmed himself a time a two over some of the things people market Christians just to make a buck.  Browse the pics, have a laugh, and remember: none of us conform to his image perfectly.  I fail every single day and he loves me in spite of myself.