The Jesus-shaped Project

In iMonk Radio Podcast #96 Michael talks about shutting down the Internet Monk website and starting a new project, Jesus Shaped Spirituality. So let’s address the Internet Monk website first. He was warning people at the time that if where was anything they wanted to keep forever they needed to download it and save it. His plan was to heavily redact much of the material he had written and posted between the end of 2000 and the spring of 2008. He did delete some older posts but never to the extent he discussed early on. Internet Monk continued for another decade after Michael passed and there are 20 years worth of posts archived today at

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iMonk Radio Podcast #96

Discussion of putting the Internet Monk website into mothballs, making it little more than a frontpage for the podcast, and Michael’s next big project Jesus Shaped Spirituality. I will have more to say later about that project but for now let’s keep this post the same size and shape as the other iMonk Radio posts.

iMonk Radio Podcast #126

In this episode: Music from Randy Stonehill

Gospel of Mark study on Jesus Shaped Spirituality

Oxfordian Heressy (more commonly known as Oxfordian Theory)

Very interesting thoughts, considering where we are now and realizing this podcast is a decade old, on people that become “experts” after reading a few articles from a Google search.

Exposition on The Coming Evangelical Collapse; while archived posts from no longer exist, you can read an article bearing the same title, compiled from those posts, on The Christian Science Monitor. That publication is behind a paywall but you can read three free articles each month.

iMonk Radio: Podcast #104

Michael Spencer was the original “Internet Monk” and he built a huge online community. It was not an audience made up of followers but a conversation that continues to this day. Chaplain Mike became the curator of the website/blog. He posts frequently but so a collective of individuals and as a matter of fact he wanted to promote this project and asked me to contribute a post which appeared yesterday on the Internet Monk website. Continue reading