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This just happened in my home state of Georgia: Governor Nathan Deal has the Bibles returned to lodges and cabins in state parks after a state agency had them removed.

By now you’ve heard about the IRS scandal involving politically conservative non-profit groups. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse got audit notices on the same dayThat and more here.

Discover the seven fold workings of God in Psalm 23, via Walter Bright.

Anne Hesche will play a woman with a near-death experience turned prophet in a new series called Save Me. My comments follow the post, be sure to check out that Wiki entry.

Both sides of the abortion debate think we can learn from the Gosnell murder verdict.

Big flood at the home of Crossway Publishers (makers of the ESV Bible). They are asking for prayer and financial support. As of May 15 they are at 53% of reaching their financial goal. 

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, proving there is more to the Internet than cat pictures since 2012.

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens on Super Bowl 47!  Apparently the 49er’s plan of only playing the second half didn’t work out this time.

Ravens, Super Bowl 47


Christ died for us

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The Read and Share File

April 5th marks the second anniversary of the passing of Michael Spencer.  The house that Michael built, Internet Monk, paid homage to his legacy.  My tribute to Michael is here; I was privileged to know him in real life before ever learning about Internet Monk.  I didn’t even know what blogging was. 

I received an email about Christian Youth Initiative Worldwide.  I’m still in the process of finding out more myself, but they seem to be on the up and up.  There is a blog, but also Grok Radio – whatever that is.  It’s worth a look.

Remember What Would Jesus Do?  Michael Kelly asks the question “What would you do it you knew you were going to die on Friday?”  Then he lists several things Jesus did.  Interesting thought.

I may not have linked him before, but Mike Ratliff writes some good stuff at Possessing the Treasure.  The Son of Man is the Good Shepherd is a great example.  Go back and read all of Mike’s posts for this week.

Remember Ed Young, of Sexperiment fame?  Out of Ur shares with us his latest stunt: baptizing with sharks.

From Desiring God Ministries, Race and the Christian is available for download.  Originally live-streamed, you can watched John Piper, Tim Keller and Anthony Bradley or download the video.  There is also a Q&A session at the same link.

Aida Spencer (Christian Post blogs) shares a personal story of discovery in What Does Easter Mean?    *please note: Aida and William Spencer are both ordained Presbyterian ministers.  I’m not asking you to join her church, just read the blog post.

Finally tonight, please pray for Chuck Colson. He is recovering from brain surgery but still in critical condition.  Known for founding Prison Fellowship (and for his role in Watergate) the 80-year-old Colson was speaking last Friday when he fell ill, and had surgery on Saturday morning.

The Read and Share File

The Read and Share File is a new feature here at The Master’s Table.  I’ve had nothing but positive feedback so far, let me know what you think.

John Piper asks Why Did God Let Paul Become a Murderer?  This is some heavy theology, give yourself time to take it all in.

Did you give up anything for Lent?  According to Stuff Christians Like the Internet is the most common thing to do without for 40 days.  It’s called a Digital Fast and obviously no one reading this is on one.

So you would think that police in New Orleans would pretty much have their hands full during Mardi Gras.  In addition to everything else going on (I decided not to print a list) Paul Wilkinson shares this story about Hope Church.  They got shut down for giving out coffee and water for free – to parade goers without a permit.  Have you ever seen Mardi Gras?!?  Handing out bottled water, that’s gotta’ stop.

Tim Challies is giving stuff away free stuff every Friday, or at least finding it for us. Here you can download Christian themed March calendar wallpaper.

*For a guy that normally looks like a million dollars, that may be the worst picture of Joel Osteen I’ve ever seen.  Thanks Christian Post.


Free Stuff

Desiring God Ministries is the public outlet of all things John Piper.  For a long time, they have been willing to work with people to get resources in the hands of those who might not be able to afford them otherwise.  Lots of stuff is available at little or no cost if you’re willing to work with them.  They are not just giving everything away, but if you have a need they will provide you with Piper books and other resources.  They are found online at  You may also want to check out the Desiring God Blog. 

Recently everything John MacArthur has become available.  At Grace To You ( you can read, listen to, or buy a CD of his sermons – 2725 of them.  MacArthur is available through radio, television and podcast, and Grace to You has it all on their website.  This has gotten a lot of buzz on the blogosphere, so expect to hear sermons ripped off from MacArthur at a church near you soon!

Why I blog in ESV

“The ESV satisfies the preaching, memorizing, studying, and reading needs of our church, from children to adults. We are building all of our future ministry around it.”
John Piper
Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

I was first introduced to the English Standard Version when I joined the ministry I am presently involved with about five years ago. (see footnotes) The ESV translation is used by our Bible teachers in our classes.  Our campus minister uses it most often when preaching in chapel, but not always.  Since I got mine in 2004, I always teach and preach from it.  I believe the ESV to be the Holy Scripture presented in our modern form of spoken and written English.  It is the Bible.  Continue reading