The Read and Share File

overloadIf you wonder what I’ve been reading lately:

Easter is coming up when we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection. Read Cloudwatcher on Justification: No Record.

There are three headlines in the Internet Monk post Updates on the Creation Wars, but I want to specifically draw your attention to the one on homeschooling parents and their choice of science textbooks.  “Jen Baird Seurkamp, an evangelical who homeschools her children, avoids textbooks that discredit evolution. “Our science curriculum is one currently used in public schools,” she says. “We want our children to be educated, not sheltered from things we are afraid of them learning'” will be upgrading their website shortly. Take a look at this page detailing the new features and functionality.

Here’s a scary read: The Freedom from Religion Foundation is suing the Treasury Department on the grounds that “In God We Trust” discriminates against atheists and other Americans who do not believe in any god. More at HLN.

Can We Be Christlike?

We are commanded to be like Christ.  We must imitate him and be conformed to his image; we must “put on” Christ.  These are New Testament directives.  But we will never really become exactly like him.  So what is the goal?

I use artificial sweetener in my tea.  It’s not the same as sugar, but I have tried and failed to drink unsweetened tea.  Diet pop, Mrs. Dash and Smart Balance butter-flavored whatever that is are all examples of products made to imitate the real thing.  While we endeavor to become like Christ, we will never do so perfectly.  But it’s a progression; we’re on  a journey.  The real goal is to keep getting closer.  Paul said has not achieved it yet but he continued to press on toward the mark and the prize. Continue reading