Lewis Bunch pics

These pictures go with the post Obituary: Mr. Lewis Bunch. They make more sense if you read the article.  Each is a thumbnail, click for full size.

Family Portraits

First picture together, 1958

Basic Training, U.S. Air Force, 1966

Late 70's (baby Clark)

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Obituary: Mr. Lewis Bunch

When Michael Spencer was sick, I posted a couple of times asking my readers to pray.  I wrote a lengthy tribute to him while he was still able to read and respond to it, and like 10,000 other bloggers quickly reported his passing.  This post is much, much harder to write.

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Lewis Bunch was born October 9, 1943.  His parents were at times textile workers, and at other times migrant farm workers.  His family was in many ways the same types of dysfunctional that all families are to some degree.  By his mid-30’s, Lewis Bunch had lived in Atlanta, Chicago, and Fairbanks.  James Dean was his idol, and his life seem to mirror his title role Rebel Without a Cause.  In 1975, after 14 years of marriage, his first son was born, Clark Joe Bunch.  He then began his life as family man. Continue reading