iMonk Radio: Podcast #112

In this week’s episode, Michael turns 52 and talks about his 4th gen. iPod Nano. Some discussion of a convention that he did not attend and has long since passed.

A current event at the time involving LifeWay stores leads to a discussion of women pastors. Michael also talks about New Reformation Press and what the rest of us can learn from Lutherans.

When the Comments are the Story

Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 7.55.51 PMSome people on Facebook and Twitter do not read comments as a matter of course. Sometimes a comment thread provides useful context but often they just make me angry. I will sometimes argue with strangers on the internet because, you know, you can’t just let people that are wrong walk around thinking they are right. (I say that tongue in cheek.) As brick-and-mortar LifeWay stores come to end they have several deals on Bibles right now online. I have seen ads in my Facebook newsfeed in the past week for a KJV Minister’s Bibles, a CSB “Ancient Faith” Study Bible and the NKJV large print Bible pictured above. There are several different Bibles, some up to 50% off, with many of the sales lasting only 48 hours.

I would have scrolled past the ads and not written a post about them were it not for the comments. Continue reading

Lifeway’s Outrigger Island

UPDATE: This post was written back in 2008.  The link below automatically redirects to the 2009 VBS theme from Lifeway, Boomerang Express. 

This link is to Lifeway’s Outrigger Island website, where you view curriculum material, order items and share ideas. There are forums where you can chat with other directors, pastors and teachers about their plans and experiences.

Prayerwalk you VBS. That’s a new thing we did this year at our church.

Vacation Bible School – Outrigger Island

Update: prayerwalk your VBS.

Update: ideas for planning/ decorating

Vacation Bible School begins at my church in about a week and a half. This year’s theme is “Outrigger Island,” and is basically a Hawaii surf party setting. My church always uses the material provided by LifeWay, whereas our old church back in GA never used the SBC program. I don’t think they found anything wrong with the curriculum, it’s just that 100 other churches within an hour’s drive all did the same thing. So when my wife and I took over as the VBS directors, we were told two things; what our budget was, and not to use LifeWay resources. The budget I went over anyway, and the next year was given a bigger budget. We went with Group Publishers, and even though we’ve been gone 5 years, out church back home still uses their program each summer.

Wow, did I digress or what. ANYWAY, Outrigger Island is a surfer/island theme with the motto “Know the truth, Speak the truth, Live the Truth.” Continue reading