The Symbol is Not the Thing

I don’t normally come home from church and blog my pastor’s sermon.  I know some people do.  I am making an exception.  The following is my take on the Sunday a.m. service preached by Ken Bolin of Manchester, KY.

I Samuel 4:1-11

Luke 22:14-23

In I Samuel, the Israelites confuse the Ark of the Covenant for what the Ark represented, namely the presence of God.  They wrongly assumed carrying the Ark into battle would protect them. Continue reading

Passover Becomes the Lord’s Supper

When Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper, he was taking an ancient Hebrew tradition and giving it new meaning.  (Matt. 26) For the followers of Jesus, taking communion reminds us that Jesus’ body was broken and his blood shed just like Passover reminded the Jews that the death angel passed over Egypt.  Jesus is the Lamb of God that was slain, much like the sacrificial lamb was slain in the Old Testament; the difference is that Jesus was the perfect sacrifice so that no more is needed. (Heb. 9)

If you listen to this sermon, remember that I’m speaking to middle and high school students.  LOTS of backstory and explanation is given, and I am well aware that I often repeat myself.  I believe the message is the truth of God’s Word, and the Gospel is clearly presented.  Click here to listen (mp3)