Advent, Second Sunday

advent-wreathOne of my favorite texts during the Advent season is the Magnificat, and you will see it below. The Second Sunday of Advent is Faith, and lighting the Bethlehem Candle reminds us of the faith required of Joseph and Mary to make the journey. Matthew 1 describes Joesph’s encounter with an angel of the Lord, Luke 1 the same for Mary. In faith they acted according the to the angel’s words and so fulfilled many prophesies.

The first chapter of Luke also records Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, who is carrying the child we will come to know as John the Baptist. The Holy Spirit fills Elizabeth as Mary enters the house, and she declares Mary blessed above all women. Mary’s response is now well known as the Magnificat: Continue reading

Advent: Week Two

Reposted from December 5, 2011.


The Second Sunday of Advent is about Faith, and we light the Bethlehem candle.  Matthew 1 describes the encounter Joseph had with the angel Gabrielle, who told him that Mary’s child was of God.  In faith Joseph took Mary as his wife.  Luke 1 tells how the same angel spoke to Mary, explaining that the Holy Spirit would come up on her and that the child she would carry would be the Son of God.  In faith Joseph and Mary make the journey to Bethlehem, believing God and waiting for the Promise. Continue reading

Advent: Faith

Week 2 of Advent is about faith, and we light the Bethleham candle.  This candle reminds us of the faith Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethleham, believing God was fulfilling his promise to Israel and blessing their family at the same time.  I began by reading Psalm 79.  Most of the psalm is a lement over the destruction of Jesrusalem. Continue reading

Advent, week 2

advent-wreathThe first Sunday of Advent celebrates Hope, and we lit the candle of Prophesy.  If you need the introductory lesson, click What is Advent?  This second Sunday of Advent is called Faith, and we light the Bethlehem candle to remind us of the faith Joseph and Mary had as they trusted God and waited for the birth of Jesus. Continue reading