iMonk Radio Podcast #142

Introduction bits and pieces: Maise is a bushland terrier. Facebook, Twitter, and what is low information action ratio? Critique of Mark Driscoll (keeping in mind this was recorded in 2009, Driscoll did not resign from Mars Hill until 2014.)

Longer discussion of celibacy in Roman Catholicism and evangelical married life. Father Alberto Cutié did in fact become an Episcopal priest.

Link to On Being Too God-Centered and/or Answers/Responses to that question.

Link to Stories of Science/Faith Resolution.

iMonk Radio: Podcast #113

“On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand” commentary in light of the world going to hell in a handbasket. Discussion of Mark Driscoll at the Desiring God Conference. Conflict with a “Lutheran brother” at the Boar’s Head Tavern.

The Read and Share File

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to share.  Here’s what this writer has been reading:

9 Marks offers tips on leading the church in a healthy direction.  Read them here.

Tim Challies is doing a series on the holiness of God.

Ray Ortland suggests that small talk has a place in ministry.  While I agree, I’m not totally sure that’s what happened in Acts 10:27.  Read The Astonishing Amiability and see what you think.

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Chaplain Mike at Internetmonk was listing reasons the other day that he would not be reading Mark Driscoll’s new book on Christian sexuality.  Real Marriage is co-authored by Mark and Grace Driscoll, and promises an intimate look into their intimate relationship.  Here’s Mike’s post, noting that this book epitamizes all that’s wrong in the evangelical circus.  (Here’s an actual review, if you want one.)  Mark Driscoll has developed a reputation for speaking with a certain style.  It’s all about being frank and in your face.  Real Marriage will seem tame in comparison to what Ed and Lisa Young are about to come out with.  Chaplain Mike, you ain’t seen noting yet.

Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with your Spouse is due out on Tuesday.  To promote the book Ed and Lisa will spend 24 hours in bed on the roof of their Texas church.   Continue reading

Pornography and Masturbation

Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, is publishing a book online about pornography and masturbation.  Each week a new chapter is added, which you can read online and/or download a PDF.  The first five chapters are already available at Porn Again Christian, where you can also read a table of contents that lists the dates of upcoming chapters.  Continue reading