The God We Wouldn’t Make Up

God made man in his own image.  And man, in his infinite wisdom, returned the favor.    -Mark Twain

In my last post, I argued that if Christianity were a lie, we would have told a better lie.  A similar line of thinking applies to God.  Many gods have been invented by people.  The God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, isn’t one of them.  Here’s why no one would make up such a god:

God requires perfection.  We would make up a god that settles for good enough.  Our imaginary god would be happy with 70%.  That’s good enough to pass.  The best you can do is the best you can do.  Who would ask for more than that?  The God we wouldn’t make up, that’s who. Continue reading