iMonk Radio Podcast #86

Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book, the second in a seven part series on spirituality; high praise for Peterson’s methods and approach for entering the Bible and listening to it rather than demanding it give us answers. It’s hard to talk about Peterson without addressing The Message.

iMonk Radio Podcast #85

New intro that Michael was proud of at the time. Steve Brown is still producing radio and online content but the archives do not go back that far. Here is an archive post on why Michael does not use the word “inerrancy.” Discussion: 1 Timothy 6:6 on contentment.

iMonk Radio Podcast #84

I do not seem to have podcast #83 in my files. I did not realize that until I was ready to preview it and write copy but I have checked the numbers and verified that we can finish the run and get back to #105 without interruption.

Welcome back Great Big Stupid World by Randy Stonehill. The Gothic Catalog is still in business, Choral Treasure Radio is not. Discussion of Bill Maher and Religulous: “You can’t be a rational person six day of the week, and put on a suit and and make rational decisions and go to work and on one day of the week go to a building and think you are drinking the blood of a 2,000 year old space god. That doesn’t make you a person of faith, it makes you schizophrenic.”

iMonk Radio Podcast #82

As mentioned previously, episodes 48 – 81 are archived here and have been for a while. As we pick up at podcast #82, Michael discusses changes to the podcast then transitions to his desire to feel “at home” when worshiping with other believers in various traditions.

iMonk Radio Podcast #17

After several consecutive episodes we are about to hit a skip in my archives. Next week’s episode will be #31 and then we will make a big jump.

Van Til had an army of lawyers but didn’t bring those with him to The Master’s Table; The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claborn. The organization is alive and the website still works; The blogosphere does not represent the real world; You can read Remember the Faithful Remnant here.

iMonk Radio Podcast #15

Broadcasting live from a dugout in Sevierville, TN, but with Van Til engineering and 3,000 typing chimpanzees working at the Internet Monk compound in Saint Sades, MD. The introduction plane keeps circling, which is also fun.

Fun fact: When Clay Spencer moved into Kirwan Tower on the UK campus it was the only dorm that did not have air conditioning. The Kirwan-Blanding Complex was demolished in 2020.

Review of Finding God Beyond Harvard. The link to the Veritas website at the end of that review still works as well; Suffering and how western Christians relate to it; Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Morrow, is still up and active.

iMonk Radio Podcast #13

You haven’t missed anything. The very early episodes are the hardest to come by but I do have the next five in a row or so.

Today: Is Michael Spencer a Christian? New school year brings several students from China. I Have My Doubts is available via the iMonk archive site. Finally a few thoughts on Ravi Zacharias.

iMonk Radio Podcast #10

Internet Monk Compound beneath Saint Sades Maryland mentioned for the first time as the intro begins taking shape, as well as the BHT wonderdog Van Til handling the technical aspects of production.

Have compassion for issues you may face later in life.

Small churches in big buildings.

It’s hard to turn old blog posts and sermons into a book. We know he eventually did it but in this early episode the process was just beginning.

You can read the soli deo post here and Purchasing Books with Wisdom here.

iMonk Radio Podcast #9

“Broadcasting from the theological Mecca of southeast Kentucky, the bustling metropolis of Oneida… this is Internet Monk Radio.”

In this episode: the personality of Evangelicalism; CCM Patrol; and iMonk gets an iMac. (CCM Patrol became Patrol Magazine in 2007.)