Because of Michael Spencer

A week or two ago, this blog passed 100,000 page views.  It’s because of Michael Spencer that I blog at all.  I used to read InternetMonk and occasionally make a comment, and I was fine with that until his pod cast started.  When I got my first iPod, I downloaded the first 20 episodes of iMonk Radio, and ate those things like candy until I finished them.  I had so many thoughts, ideas and responses running around my head that I went to WordPress and started pushing buttons.  March will be two years. Continue reading

Pray for InternetMonk

Please continue to pray for Michael Spencer.

To be honest, I don’t know who I’m writing this to.  IMonk has a much larger audience than my own, and anyone reading my blog probably already reads him.  Nevertheless, he really is sick and asking others to pray makes me feel better and hopefully he appreciates it as well.

In his latest podcast, he says that during times of illness, he tends to be more humble.  Those of us that work with him in ministry got a Facebook update to the effect of “you guys carry on.”  This is the least “control freak” I’ve ever seen him.  If you listen to the podcast, he sounds a little off, and doesn’t know when he will broadcast another one.  He has not been preaching or teaching for the past week, and will not be for a while.

Remember him in prayer, that’s all I’m saying.  And maybe send a Joel Osteen e-greeting reminding him to keep thinking positive thoughts – that ought’a do the trick.