Mother’s Day

mothersHere’s a couple of posts that have been getting increased traffic this week what with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend and all. Hopefully no preacher is looking for material at this late date but hey, I’m not here to judge.

This Mother’s Day Sermon was written in response to some gripes, actually. What many are looking for on Sunday morning, even mothers in the crowd, is the Gospel. Many in the crowd, including a few mothers, don’t want to hear another man read Proverbs 31 and tell them what biblical womanhood looks like.

A year later Instead of a Mother’s Day Sermon I preached about relationships. God is relational and a relationship with his people is what he most desires. Each relationship we develop, including with our mother/ with our children, helps us understand some aspect of what our relationship with God is like.

Mother’s Day Sermon

mothersAs I began preparing to preach on Mother’s Day, I searched the internet just to see what other preachers would be doing that day.  What I ended up reading instead was a blogpost and comment thread about how most woman are unhappy with the Mother’s Day sermons they’ve heard in the past.  Some felt the day should not be celebrated in church at all, while others thought the church should recognize mothers in some way and then the pastor should preach his message.  More than a couple of commenters said that whatever text he was using, what they wanted to hear preached was the gospel!  Amen to that.  The general consensus was that too often the Mother’s Day sermon comes off as “light” and that wasn’t what the church needed.  Continue reading