Noah: The Movie

I must be the only blogger left that hasn’t had something to say about the Noah film currently playing in theaters. Nope, haven’t seen it so I can’t write a review. I can say with certainty that the film does not represent an accurate retelling of the biblical story of Noah found in Genesis. The filmmakers were clear about that from the beginning, so the claims movie goers are being lied to is exaggerated. This infographic attempts to clarify some actual facts regarding the true story of Noah:

Noah, the true story

The Noah movie has incredible graphics and a dramatic story. The list of facts above is biblically accurate but boring. Is there a compromise?

Presenting for your viewing enjoyment: The True Story of Noah

I give this film 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Evan Almighty

I have to admit, even I didn’t go to the theater to see this movie. I loved Bruce Almighty; you can learn a lot about God by watching it, I’m not kidding. But the Evan Almighty concept seemed like a stretch. It was a sequel to a Jim Carry movie without Jim Carry. Never do a sequel without the star (Speed 2, Cruise Control).

However – I finally got to see Evan Almighty on DVD, and it’s much better than I expected. I just couldn’t imagine how they would make the story turn out any good at all, but it works. Not as funny as the first, but there is still a thing or two to be said about God. The movie is rated PG, but I don’t see why. You could watch this with 4-year-olds. Unless I’m mistaken, there was not one bad word. Morgan Freeman relates theological truth in a way that George Burns couldn’t have done in a million years. Lauren Graham plays opposite Steve Correll, and I don’t even remember her name on the bill. It’s like a bonus. (Okay, eat my alive, but I’m a big fan of the Gilmore Girls. Go ahead, let me have it.)

Bottom line: I didn’t think it would be any good, but it was. It’s a shame this movie tanked in the box office. Definitely worth a look. And if Michael Spencer doesn’t hurry up and watch Bruce Almighty sometime soon, I’m going to time him up and force him to. I’m on a mission.

Ben Stein’s Expelled

Ben Stein has a movie coming out April 18th titled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” which criticizes the way proponents of intelligent design has been laughed off, discriminated against, or ignored. Many Christians are optimistic this will open doors to discussions of intelligent design, creation, and theism or at least get people asking the right questions. I don’t know if this secular movie creates an opportunity for sharing the gospel or not, but many think it will. It at least challenges closed minded thinking that any idea other than evolution is laughable and that the book on that subject has long been shut. Here is an excerpt of a letter from Chris Bougie sent out to campus ministry leaders everywhere:

The evangelistic opportunity we're referring to will
be created by the release of the cutting-edge,
controversial documentary by the well-known and
brilliant Ben Stein.   Continue reading