The Cross of Christ?

You need to see the image for this to work.  If you’re getting this from a reader, you may want to stop in for a minute.

This is a real product.  I jokingly refer to it as i-Cross.  The question is, does this help promote the gospel message?  Does this help the believer give the cross of Christ the right place in our lives?  Or is this making the Father’s house a den of thieves rather than a house of prayer?

I read and enjoyed the prayer of Jabez.  Whatever you thought of the book, it started a whole phenomenon.  There were Jabez t-shirts, prayer journals, desk calendars, study Bibles, the list goes on.  Remember WWJD?  It had all of the above, plus children’s items like backpacks and bracelets.  Christian bookstores are supercenters for a mass of products besides books anymore.  Publishers of books and music are running a business, and are looking for products to sell.  If i-Cross sells a million units, you can bet they’ll quickly make a million more.  Is this product God honoring and Christ centered, or just more Jesus junk?  Let me know what you think.