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This just happened in my home state of Georgia: Governor Nathan Deal has the Bibles returned to lodges and cabins in state parks after a state agency had them removed.

By now you’ve heard about the IRS scandal involving politically conservative non-profit groups. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse got audit notices on the same dayThat and more here.

Discover the seven fold workings of God in Psalm 23, via Walter Bright.

Anne Hesche will play a woman with a near-death experience turned prophet in a new series called Save Me. My comments follow the post, be sure to check out that Wiki entry.

Both sides of the abortion debate think we can learn from the Gosnell murder verdict.

Big flood at the home of Crossway Publishers (makers of the ESV Bible). They are asking for prayer and financial support. As of May 15 they are at 53% of reaching their financial goal. 

The Strange Relationship Between Abortion and the Death Penalty

The focus of this blog is religion and theology, and I try not to promote a political agenda.  I’ve always found something a bit odd though.  The same people – and I will try not to give them a label – the same people that oppose the death penalty often favor abortion rights.  Their logic astounds me. Continue reading

Answering Tough Questions: Abortion

question_mark_3dI’ve just read a blog post entitled “How to stump an anti-abortionist with one simple question.”  The question is this: If abortion were illegal, what should be done with mothers who get one?  According to the post, asking anti-abortion protesters this question draws puzzled looks and poorly thought out responses.  If Christians can’t articulate a well constructed response to this simple question, we need to work on that.  I responded thusly: Continue reading