Satur-deja Vu

Apple Cider Donuts are a cake type of donut with a pretty soft texture. Oreo’s have a crunchy cookie on either side but it’s crazy how much these things taste like apple cider donuts. This was an impulse buy. Fall doesn’t last long, do something wacky.

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Christians Response to Gay Advertising

Over the weekend I got a rather feisty comment on my Ellen DeGeneras post from February (link).  The commenter railed on Christians that would still shop at JC Penny after they “actively supported this!”  I thought the article was clear that what the retail chain supported was buying more stuff; they sell lots of women’s clothing and DeGeneras is a public iconic figure that wears women’s clothing and probably knows a thing or two about shopping.  Mr. Smith, in his comment, used words like faggot, queers, and terms such as “the homos” and suggested we would talk about his language while ignoring the depravity around us.  Which does beg the question: What should the Christian response be to the proliferation of homosexuality in our culture? Continue reading