Costume vs. Uniform

Screenshot 2013-12-13 at 5.57.22 AM“A costume is something you put on and pretend that you are what you are wearing. A uniform, on the other hand, reminds you that you are, in fact, what you wear.” -Eunice McGarrahan

Unlike dressing up for Halloween or playing a part on stage, a uniform officially identifies the wearer. Some uniforms come with more responsibility than others. As Christians we are to “put on Christ.”

This daily devotional from Our Daily Bread struck a chord with me. Read the full article here. 


Happy Monday

Is it rainy, wet or grey where you are this morning? I would rather go to work on a day like that than have to look out at beautiful blue skies all day long. At any rate, keep putting one foot in the front of the other and here’s to a Happy Monday. 

Garfield on Mondays

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Happy Monday

smileThat’s exactly what we’re trying to do here. We all have Monday’s but we seek to bear one another’s burdens and edify the body. It costs nothing to smile and most people smile back. We’re all in this together so chin up, chest out… have a Happy Monday!  Continue reading

Live Webinar Featuring James Banks

Screenshot 2013-05-06 at 12.09.33 PMRBC Ministries (the publishers of Our Daily Bread) are doing their first ever live webinar event “Prayer: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why It Matters.” The event will feature James Banks; check out James Banks .org for background and go here for more details and registration.


The Read and Share File


This is where I list other blog posts and articles that I’ve read myself and wish to share with others.  They’ve slowed down since the introduction of Happy Monday, but this is Read and Share #18.  

It’s a little late, but this treatment of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day proclaims the wonder of the Gospel.

Randy Kilgore takes an inspiring look at T-ball in this day’s devotion at Our Daily Bread.

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Happy Monday

tim hortonWe’ve all seen stories where a gas station customer pays for someone else’s gas, or a good Samaritan in a grocery store pays for the next person in line.  At a Tim Horton’s in Winnipeg last Friday, a chain reaction of paying it forward was set off lasting for three hours.  A total of 228 drive through customers paid for the person in line behind them.  What’s more Canadian than Tim Horton’s and hospitality, eh?

I mentioned the History Channel’s upcoming mini-series The Bible in a post yesterday.  I had been putting it off for several days, and it was this devotional at Our Daily Bread on the endurance of God’s word that motivated me to act.  There’s also a bit about a Bible museum being built by the owners of Hobby Lobby.

hap mon, lord told me, via preach the Gospel dot com

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