Satur-deja Vu


With Thanksgiving coming up next week I’m going to reshare some favorite images from years past. A couple of these actually predate Happy Monday; I’ve been on Facebook since 2009 and blogging on WordPress since 2008. We’ve got some news items and other random bits as well. Maybe you’ve seen some of these before, maybe not. Welcome to the Satur-deja Vu. Continue reading

The Pagan Roots of Halloween; and Easter and Christmas

trick-or-treatJust like the Internet Monk rants here, I was raised in a fundamentalist Baptist home.  We read the King James Bible, went to Sunday School, prayer meeting, revival, and every other time the church door was open.  We didn’t wear shorts at my childhood home, nor go swimming in mixed company.  My dad went to the public school and had me excused from the two weeks of swimming our P.E. class had in August.  Dad was a street preacher, standing on the corner of a downtown city block shouting the Gospel at passing traffic.  (He still does that once a week, but I no longer hand out tracts to pedestrian passersby.) 

But you know what my parents did let us do?  Go trick-or-treating.  Continue reading