Satur-deja Vu

The headline speaks for itself. I was able to put together a year-in-review album on my personal Facebook page that focused on all the of the fun things we were able to do this past year. With very little mention of the pandemic or restrictions there were many positive moments not to be overlooked. There were plenty of 2020 memes and cartoons that we chose not to share here because there was already enough of it. We wanted to say “look here instead” and redirect focus on things positive and encouraging. You won’t hear a peep from me about what happened in D.C. this week, not because I don’t know or don’t care, but because it’s all been said already. Brevard County Fire and Rescue (FL) tweeted the dumpster fire pic and noted the irony that it was their last call of 2020. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

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