Is the Pope a False Teacher?

Francis As Christian blogs go Tim Challies is one of the bigs. He’s a Canadian blogger who some think has a become a slave to his own success. He’s linked in my own sidebar and I make reference to his writing from time to time. By his own claim he is “Informing the Reformed” but I’ve never encountered him being hyper-calvinist. He has raised a few red flags with his current series on false teachers, most notably by calling out Pope Francis. While mentioning Francis specifically he really means all popes and the entire Catholic Church as a promoter of a false gospel. You can read his original post here.  Continue reading

Best Dressed Man of the Year

Francis First, Pope Francis was selected as Time’s Man of the Year. That was a very classy choice. Now he has been honored with a title that I imagine he is less thrilled about: Esquire Magazine’s Best Dressed Man of the Year. This pope is known for his acts of humility, such as packing his own luggage and moving into a small papal apartment. But it may be that sense of modest style that earned him the recognition. Check out this headline from the Daily Mail:

Screenshot 2013-12-30 at 6.50.26 AMHe was selected ahead of Joseph Gordon Levitt and other Hollywood types for his “unadorned style” and “humble clothes.” I think Martin Luther would approve.