Hindsight Being What It Is

Last month I tried to start something new, a weekend wrap-up of the week’s events. It was a combination of things I had blogged and events from real life that never made it into blog posts. I could not land on a title I liked and went with Doubletake because I needed something. I predicted that post would either become a regular feature or be the one and only. I would still like to pursue that concept but the title still needs work. And since we haven’t posted anything but Happy Monday there are no blog posts to recap.

IRL I have been catching up on what should be routine auto maintenance. I have recently replaced brake pads and rotors on our Chevy HHR. I have also replaced one brake caliper, spark plugs, engine air filter, changed the oil, oil filter, replaced the serpentine belt and bought four new tires. I can’t say for sure how many miles the belt had on it but I am certain it was at least 164,000 miles over the past four years. I have the top and bottom radiator hoses and new Dexcool but haven’t got to that job yet. Maybe this weekend.

That’s my handwriting, I guess I’ll take my word for it.

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Pray for InternetMonk

Please continue to pray for Michael Spencer.

To be honest, I don’t know who I’m writing this to.  IMonk has a much larger audience than my own, and anyone reading my blog probably already reads him.  Nevertheless, he really is sick and asking others to pray makes me feel better and hopefully he appreciates it as well.

In his latest podcast, he says that during times of illness, he tends to be more humble.  Those of us that work with him in ministry got a Facebook update to the effect of “you guys carry on.”  This is the least “control freak” I’ve ever seen him.  If you listen to the podcast, he sounds a little off, and doesn’t know when he will broadcast another one.  He has not been preaching or teaching for the past week, and will not be for a while.

Remember him in prayer, that’s all I’m saying.  And maybe send a Joel Osteen e-greeting reminding him to keep thinking positive thoughts – that ought’a do the trick.


emoticonsAs a small child, we are taught a few emotional expressions.  We all learn happy, sad, angry and surprised at a young age.  The natural maturation process eventually teaches us that all things are not so simple.  Sometimes good news has a sting to it, or we take bad news and try to find the silver lining.  When a terminally ill child passes away, sometimes there is comfort in knowing he will no longer suffer.  Or the opposite may be true; a child leaving for college or getting married is an exciting occasion, but also sad in a way for the parents staying behind in the empty nest.  I’m not sure MySpace or WordPress have an emoticon for bittersweet.  Continue reading

Pray for Mom

Please pray for my mother.  I don’t have a pic on my laptop.  In 2003, she had a massive heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery.  She went to the ER tonight, and the doctors did an EKG they didn’t like the look of.  At this time (Thursday evening, Oct. 16), she is in a room for observation waiting to see her regular cardiologist tomorrow.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone that prayed.  Mom is back at home, there seems to be nothing wrong.  She is visiting her regular family doctor on Tuesday.  It turns out she had not felt well for a few days, so her symptoms may have just been from her illness, not signs of a heart attack.  BTW, Mom is 68, so we think it pays to be careful.  She does have 4 heart by-passes, after all.  Thanks again for your prayers, I would appreciate you mentioning her in prayer from time to time.  (Her name is Ellen Bunch.)